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   FAQ - After the conversion
Here are frequently asked questions. Nonetheless, should you have any further questions please feel free to ask us.

* Do I need some petrol in my petrol tank?
Yes. You will need a little amount of petrol inside your petrol tank, usually about 1/4. This is because as by default, the system is set to start up on petrol and then switches to LPG.

* Does my petrol tank needs to be full?
No. Only a small amount of petrol is needed during the initial start up so only 1/4 or so in the tank will be sufficient. By having a full tank will pose extra weight on the vehicle, plus the petrol may go bad if left in the tank for a long time thus it is not advisable.

* What happens to the spare wheel?
The spare wheel will be returned to you if you decide to have your LPG tank in your spare wheel well*. In such case, we will also supply you with a puncture repair spray, which is usually kept inside your boot.
*(Note: Not all vehicles can have this option)

* Will you show us how to fill it by LPG?
Yes. When you come to collect your vehicle after the conversion, we will show you how the system works as well as demonstrate how to fill up by LPG at the filling station nearby.

* How do you know where to fill up?
'LPG refuelling station map' which lists LPG filling stations and their addresses across the UK could be bought from us if necessary. Alternatively, follwing is a great site which lists the filling station and prices which are constantly updated by various members:

* Do you service LPG vehicles?
Yes. We service all LPG converted vehicles and ensure that your LPG system provides optimum performance. We also diagnose faults with the LPG system should your LPG system is not running as it should be. [Click here to find out more...]

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