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   FAQ - Before the conversion
Here are frequently asked questions before the conversion. Nonetheless, should you have any further questions please feel free to ask us.

* How much is the conversion?
This depends on the vehicle but for older carburettor cars from 899 plus VAT fitted, for early injection cars from 1000 plus VAT fitted and for the latest injection cars start from 1250 plus VAT fitted. Please contact us for a conversion estimate [Here].

* How long does the conversion takes?
For cars, we would normally ask to have the car for a full week. This includes calibration and various tests after the conversion in order to ensure the system is fully functional.

For other type of vehicles, it may take a bit longer however we will advise you accordingly at the time of conversion quote.

(Example of how much components go into a car is shown in the photo. In addition to this, a tank and pipe works has to be installed.)

* Do you do diesel conversions?
No. We currently do not carry out conversion on diesel vehicles. This is due to UKLPG guidelines does not condone conversion on diesel cars as it is detrimental to the engine's longevity.

* I ordered a kit, how long does it take?
Normally within 2 working days if it is in stock. It not, we will advise you accordingly.

* Does my car still run on petrol?
Yes. Your car will still keep the original petrol capability even after the conversion. In other words, your car will run on both petrol and LPG, switching from one fuel to the other with a simple flick of a switch.

* How many miles does a tank full do?
This depends on your vehicle and tank options you have chosen. You can always discuss your tank options and amongst other options to suit your requirements. Let us know what you want, even if other installers has either refused or said it is impossible.

* How big is the switch?
The switch is usually about the size of your thumb.

* Has it got a gauge?
Yes, the gauge is incorporated into the switch itself.

* Where does the switch go?
Anywhere you wish. As the switch incorporates the gauge, it would be ideal to have it in a place where it is easily visible but if you wish it could concealed inside the ashtray for instance.

* Is my engine OK to run on LPG?
As long as your car is capable of running on unleaded fuel, it should be OK to run on LPG. However there are few exceptions so contact us if in doubt.

* I have a grey import from Japan, can you convert this to LPG?
Yes, we carry out conversions on grey imports from Japan as well as from USA. We have an upper hand on Japanese imports as one of our technician is fluent in Japanese language and also capable of obtaining information from the established contacts in mainland Japan. Contact us to see if your grey imported vehicle is capable of being converted.

* I have a turbo or super charged vehicle, can you convert this to LPG?
Yes. With the latest sequential injection system we use, turbo cars can be converted to run on LPG.

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