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   About WCR LPG
WCR LPG is a family business started by Mark.B.Wain.

We have been established since 1991. Our passion is for 4X4s and cars, which we are able to offer sensible and sound advice, always ensuring personal contact with the customer, taking you through how LPG system works to demonstration of your newly LPG converted vehicles.

We started working with LPG at the end of the availability of leaded petrol, initially converting classic cars. Over the years, we have been on various training courses offered by our suppliers ranging from carburettor products through to the latest sequential kits for today's modern vehicles, eventually becoming one of the fully UKLPG approved installers.

To ensure the products meet our requirements, extensive tests are carried out prior to being added to our vast range of combined products.

We have invested heavily in our onsite equipment and tooling for testing and programming products. We are able to supply anything from an olive for a carburettor kit to a full sequential injection kit via mail order, or if you prefer we can fully convert your vehicle at our workshop.

Along with full installations and servicing, we also provide UKLPG Engineer Reports for insurance companies and LPG system diagnosis on various LPG products rectifying faults for individuals and trades.

For advice or to place an order, feel free to contact us.

   Opening hours and location
* Opening hours
Monday to Friday - Via appointments

* How to find us
Address: Unit 2, Collers Way Industrial Estate, Reepham, Norfolk, NR10 4SW, United Kingdom

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"... Hi Mark

Thanks ever so much for checking out the lpg system in the BMW that I had just bought. Having never had a car running on lpg before it was good of you not only to carry out the checks on the system and retune it for me but also to do the paperwork etc and to have the vehicle placed on the necessary register to enable me to get my insurance sorted out.

You are obviously very passionate and knowledgeable about your work and I am very grateful to you for all your help."

Kind Regards Gary ..."

From Gary ( )

"... Hi Mark,

Having a great time in Whitby. Thank you for a good job well done ..."

From Richard and Hazel (RJ Cars Bodham)

"... Mark,

Just a short note to explain the reasons why I had my vehicles converted to LPG, and my thoughts. When I purchased my first classic range rover, I was shocked at the cost of fuel, and was persuaded to have the vehicle converted to LPG, and with the miles I was doing, from Norfolk to Hampshire every week, it did not take long to recoup the outlay. It actually starts the first time you fill up. The range that I had was aprox 200 miles, and I was upset that the last few miles has to be done on petrol, as there were not many gas stations at that time. I rembember you telling me that I could fit extra tanks, which then gave me a range of 340 miles, so I could always find a LPG station. Since then I have had four vehicles, and every time I have either had two or three tanks, which give me the required range. One of the things I would like to thank you for, is the impartial advice that you gave me, the kits that you fitted, and the after sales service and help that you have given me if I ever have a problem, always fixed quickly and in a friendly manner, even if it means you lend me a vehicle. I have recommended you to a few of my friends, and still do, and only yesterday to a former CEO of a GP2 racing team.

One again, thanks for you help and professional attitude .."

From Dave (Caterham Racing)

"... Just a quick note to thank you for your help with my failed fuel pump problem on Friday. Sorry if I woke you from a quite evening on the couch but your advice was spot on and hugely appreciated..."
From Angus (of "help, stuck on M1 Friday evening with nagging wife...")

"... Following an accident my Landrover Discovery was repaired at a garage in Norwich. During the repair it was necessary to remove and then re-install the LPG tanks. This work was undertaken by a third party "expert".

When I took delivery of the vehicle I noticed that when running on gas the engine was "lumpy" and not firing properly. Under heavy throttle it just died!

Mark had the car in and checked the repair work over for me. He found catalogue of errors, some careless (like only re-connecting one of the two tanks), some dangerous, (a gas leak) and others where work had not been carried out in compliance with industry standards.

He had the bodged repairs sorted out and the engine re-tuned the same day. It was returned to me running properly, safe and legal.

Not only was Mark's work first rate, his paperwork, complete with photographs, enabled me to get immediate compensation from my insurers.

I will be more than happy to recommend Mark - a real proffesional..."

From Bob (Norwich)

"...All up and running mate! I cannot thank you enough, you are so helpful, all hours of the day! I really do appreciate it! If there is ever anything I can do in return, please do not hesitate to ask. I work at an automotive parts manufacturer with full tool room and production at my disposal! Genuine offer if I could ever help you out. Or maybe if you had a problem in this part of the world, with you being stuck on the east cost!!!! Anyway, cheers again, no doubt I will be in touch soon!..."
From Leo (Birmingham)

"...Excellent news! Seems to be working fine, some heavy corrosion on one of the the tank solenoids, which I suspect was the problem. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated...."
From Jaimie (Essex)

"Hi Mark, Too embarrassed to phone you. Guess the idiot who put the lpg tank in affect upside down, I'm sure you won't need too many guesses. Thanks for all your help and patience, everything seems to be going to plan now, please don't ask which plan!!!!!!! All the best."
From Anonymous

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