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   LPG System servicing & diagnostics
* For both retail and trade customers
Routine servicing of LPG systems are provided for both retail and trade customers.

Like any parts of the vehicle, LPG systems also require routine servicing. We have the facility to service and hook up most LPG systems to a diagnostic software and ensure everything is running as it should.

Moreover, if your main dealer or installer is unable to rectify the problem with your LPG system, or you are an independent garage where a customer came in with an LPG converted vehicle which seems to have a problem, contact us to make a booking.

We can diagnose most common LPG systems including;
  • AEB
  • AG Centrum
  • BRC
  • Fema
  • King
  • Landi
  • Leonardo
  • OMVL
  • Prins
  • Romano
  • Tartarini
  • Vialle
  • Zavoli
And many more... (If not listed above, please ask)

LPG Injector cleaning service
A specialist LPG injector cleaning equipment facility is available where clogged up injectors (including PAN injectors) can be cleaned and restored to their original performance.

Vaporiser overhauling
We also carry out vaporiser overhauling. Leaking or tired vaporiser can drastically reduce both performance and economy. Overhauling the vaporiser is an effective way to restore the system back.

Both retail and trade customers are welcome.

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