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   FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the frequently asked questions. Nonetheless, should you have any further questions please feel free to ask us.

Before the conversion
* How much is the conversion?
* How long does the conversion takes?
* Do you do diesel conversions?
* I ordered a kit, how long does it take?
* Does my car still run on petrol?
* How many miles does a tank full do?
* How big is the switch?
* Has it got a gauge?
* Where does the switch go?
* Is my engine OK to run on LPG?
* I have a grey import from Japan, can you convert this to LPG?
* I have a turbo or super charged vehicle, can you convert this to LPG?

After the conversion
* Do I need some petrol in my petrol tank?
* Does my petrol tank needs to be full?
* What happens to the spare wheel?
* Will you show us how to fill up by LPG?
* How do you know where to fill up?
* Do you service LPG vehicles?

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